Bespoke? That means “made to order.” How can presets be made to order?

I use a script to create the presets with infinitely varying settings, and your preferences baked in. When I receive your order, I make your presets, package them up with instructions, and email you a download link.

Black and white, or color?

Some of each. When you place your order, you specify (roughly) how many of the presets should be monochromatic.

Where can I see more examples?

On Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, or check out the Featured Artists below.

Is this the end? Or just the beginning?

Because you have so many to choose from, these presets can often be all your photos need. But you can also make any basic adjustments you like, and still keep the vintage look. The Prolost Graduated Presets for Lightroom make this easy.