Inspired by Former Greatness

This collection of 480 light leak presets for Adobe Lightroom is inspired by the vintage film cameras that sparked my love of photography.

The photos your digital camera makes are pretty much perfect. Let's fix that, shall we?

Light Will Find a Way

These random, organic light leaks work with any photo, any settings, and in conjunction with any other presets. Just run your mouse down the list, and click when the accident makes you happy.

Four Classic Cameras, 480 Variations


Inspired by Nikon's Nikkormat camera body. Built like a tank, this thing wouldn't leak light if you hit it with a hammer. Unless you were in high school and you loaded film with one hand while trying to get to second base with the other.


Plastic. Fantastic. The medium format Holga lets more light in than cheap motel curtains. Drench your shots from top to bottom with messy, streaky light.


When you run film through the camera the wrong way, the light leaks go the wrong way too. Horizontal streaks ranging from subtle to not.


Inspired by Polaroid's instant cameras, these light leaks are scattered throughout the frame. Of all the leaks, these are both the most subtle and most powerful, as they can add an organic glow to your subject.

120 of Each, 480 presets total.

$29 USD
only 6¢ ea.

Requires Lightroom 5 or greater, with or without Creative Cloud.


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