Hundreds of unique vintage looks, made just for you.

These presets for Adobe Lightroom create a faded, nostalgic look that drips with emotion. And just like Tyler Durden’s glassware, each one is hand-crafted and unique.

I’m not kidding. I make each batch of presets to order, using a process that creates infinite variations. Some will be great. Some will be weird. Some will speak to your soul. All of them will be unlike anyone else’s, and all include your monogram in their name.

My name is Stu. I have a beard. Let me make you some presets.


Undigital Photography

The faded, vintage look has an amazing power in photography. It can make an accidental shot into art. It can transform a moment ago into nostalgic memory. A photo is often cursed with merely depicting a fact. When you choose one of these presets, you capture an emotion.

The Power of Surprise

Everyone’s always telling you to know what you want. I’m inviting you to know it when you see it.

When I created the Plastic Bullet iPhone app, I realized the amazing power of being surprised by an unpredictable combination of vintage treatments. As you scroll through your custom set of Prolost Vintage Presets, you’ll be surprised and delighted by your reaction. One of them will just “feel right.”


Curated by You

Since you start with so many, feel free to delete the presets you don’t find yourself using. The ones you keep will reflect your unique taste. The more you order, the more you can delete, and the more you the remaining set will be.


Bespoke? That means “made to order.” How can presets be made to order?

I use a script to create the presets with infinitely varying settings, and your preferences baked in. When I receive your order, I make your presets, package them up with instructions, and email you a download link.

Black and white, or color?

Some of each. When you place your order, you specify (roughly) how many of the presets should be monochromatic.

Where can I see more examples?

On Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, or check out the Featured Artists below.

Is this the end? Or just the beginning?

Because you have so many to choose from, these presets can often be all your photos need. But you can also make any basic adjustments you like, and still keep the vintage look. The Prolost Graduated Presets for Lightroom make this easy.

When you place your order, you’ll fill out a quick form specifying your three-letter monogram and the percentage of looks that should be black and white. In a few days, you’ll receive a unique email letter with a link to download your presets.

The Prolost Bespoke Vintage Presets are available in three quantities.

100 Presets

$39 USD
(40¢ ea.)

200 Presets

$49 USD
(25¢ ea.)

300 Presets

$59 USD
(20¢ ea.)



As of April 7, 2016, the Prolost Bespoke Vintage Presets are no longer available. Please check out the seasonal Prolost Vintage Presets instead!


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